Lallu AghOras

I AM !

Apart from being a writer and a traveler, I am a
person who seeks the absolute truth. I was born in Nilambur, Malappuram
district of Kerala. I do not believe in religion, nor am I into politics. I am
a simple human being, an introvert too – a person who chose to withdraw himself
from a society that has lost all ideals of human rights, justice, and values. The
present generation cares the least to ponder over the historical facts
presented to them and evaluate the actual facts. Here, through my website, I
strive to bring to light the truth about Adolf Hitler, whom historians have
etched into our minds as a cruel, jew hating dictator for years.
It’s with absolute confidence that I say, this website will completely reform the negative image of this character. Hence, I am including facts related to the era of World War II, which encompasses several scenarios, pacts, and speeches. These facts were not bestowed upon me by my learned teachers. Instead, logic, free-thinking, and reasoning helped me to unravel the lies weaved into the history lessons that we were taught from childhood; history that was manipulated and rewritten for the interest of a select few who had money and power.
All this information that I have gathered through careful study, intensive observation, and elaborate discussion with peers should not be viewed as a pseudo degree earned through pseudo education, because this information is worth much more than you can ever imagine. I am a person who always seeks the absolute truth and in the light of truth, my heart finds a peaceful abode.


I am a simple human being.My religion, caste, color, degrees, or qualifications aren’t important here. What is important is the truth that I wish to convey to you through my website. My personal life and achievements have no significance in this matter.

The truth, the real story surrounding this man is filled with several mysteries and incomprehensible facts, completely opposing the story that we were all forced to believe. Ones you turn this page, the real story unravels. Those who only believe in the history written by scribes, influenced by the wealthy Jews, backed by the corporate influenced educational system, I only have this to say to you – there is no compulsion here. But the real seekers of truth will find it when they reach the last page of this website. You will start loving this man, you who start to sympathize with him, and you will also hate the once who painted Adolf Hitler a brutal dictator. And, you will also come to us with honest questions. I have full conviction in that. Because I am going to reveal to you unadulterated facts- the truth that will last forever, overcoming every test of time.

                 -LALLU AGHORAS